Web Developers Needed!

Are you a U.S. military veteran struggling to find a civilian job or even one that compensates well enough to support your family? Maybe you’re still on Active Duty wondering what you will do post-military.

You might even be a Guardsman or Reservist looking for a better civilian profession.

Let’s face it. The economy might be perceived as one that’s not too friendly to hiring veterans, and there is evidence to support this.

Very seldom are civilian companies anti-veteran, but many have just developed perceptions, some good and bad, about veterans and if they can benefit a business.

And that’s what it really boils down to. Are we a benefit to their business? Can we help them make money? I believe so!

The reality is that many military specialties do not translate easily to the private work force. You enlisted or commissioned to do a specific job, but Big Business, Inc isn’t always quite sure where your skills fit.

Maybe you found a profession on the “outside” that you’re content with and passionate about. But maybe you haven’t and you’ve faced the difficulties that many veterans are still dealing with finding meaningful employment.

The good news is that with a relatively short amount of time and a lot of hard work (you’re used to that!) you can find a job in a rewarding profession that pays well and as is in-demand for the foreseeable future – in web development.

Uncle Sam Patriotic Poster - I Want You For Web DevelopmentHi, I’m Matt and welcome to the GI Coder!

As an Air Force veteran, IT professional and web development student by night for the last few years, I’m on a mission.

My primary objective is to take you along my journey into web development.

My secondary objective (but no less important) is to equip you with the resources and tools I have encountered and my lessons-learned so that you too can become a “Mission-Ready” web developer.

I’ve learned a lot over the past 20+ years in the work force, including transitioning between four different professions spanning the military and private sector. I feel like I have finally landed on my passion as an aspiring web developer.

On GI Coder, I plan to:

  • Provide links and commentary on web development educational resources and programs unique to veterans and Active Duty military.
  • Interview veterans currently working in the web development field.
  • Provide tutorials on web development that are even Army-Proof!
  • Talk about how your “soft-skills” are highly-beneficial as a web developer – they really are!
  • Where to start with learning.
  • And much more!

So stay tuned and subscribe to get the latest intel on web development.