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My name is Matthew (Matt) Husted and I am the author of GI Coder.

From 2002-2013, I served as an Active Duty Air Force enlisted member, Defense contractor and Federal civilian.

Married for 15 years, I have a beautiful wife who has been through multiple deployments and hardships with me. We are both Christians and have twin five-year-old daughters.

For the last four years I have been working in information technology with roles in quality assurance, beta testing, DevOps, integration and technical support in the Greater Atlanta area.

My time in the Air Force was split between enlisted aircrew on the Boeing C-17 and later as an analyst.

Before the military, I spent about four years in retail and as an auto mechanic.

I’ve never stopped learning since I graduated high school before the Millennium and have attended schools in the Houston area, online and in the Greater Atlanta area such as Mercer University, American Military University and Gwinnett Technical College to name a few.

I am passionate about GI Coder because it’s one way I can give back my knowledge and experience to other veterans seeking a profession in web development or even information technology as a whole.

It’s my goal to help veterans overcome the challenge of finding employment in the private sector and web development is just one way that is challenging, rewarding and pays well.

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